Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NYC: Brooklyn to Central Park!

Spending 20 hours in line didn't stop us from making the most of New York for the rest of Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday we had a late brunch with my friends from Brooklyn, who I stayed with while I interned at Miller Evangelical Church a few summers ago.  We had a great visit with them!  

Chase and I took the subway headed back to Manhattan, our first stop was Ground Zero.  We walked around a church that is right across the street from the site, inside there were stations all around calling the passerby's to remember, pray, and honor those who lost their lives.  From there we walked toward Wall St. where we passed the famous bull.  Once we entered the Port area, where tourists go to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, we joined a crowd of spectators watching four men break dance and putting on a show.  One of the guys jump/flipped over 6 people...woah! All of that was on our way to the Staten Island Ferry which is free and provides a great view of Liberty, herself.  This also gave us a chance to sit and relax our legs while taking in the view.  

We turned into tourist robots, after that.  We haggled in Chinatown, ate Italian in Little Italy, and even (I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this) got a caricature of us done!! Chase is playing a banjo shaped instrument with six strings and I look like I'm singing down at the smoke filled jazz club. LOL!
(INSERT SNL experience...again The Chase Place is where it's at)

Saturday turned into a late late night and Sunday had to be early in order to feel any sense of accomplishment.  Central Park started off our morning, we walked about half way through it until we reached this beauty given to the U.S. by Egypt in the 1800's.  A plaque beneath it quotes the hieroglyphics, that are still visible in the stone.  
 Every person in our generation has an urge to walk the steps of Kevin, from Home Alone, through F.A.O Schwarz.  Highlights from the immaculate toy store:

Insane Lego Talent!

The BIG Piano

The Trump Tower, Tiffany's (including a lady getting her picture taken while eating breakfast), and  Magnolia Bakery (featured in The Devil Wear's Prada) were all part of the scenic route back to our hotel.  We did all of this with plenty of time to spare before check out! Holla!! 


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